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We are your one-stop shop for Subaru Liberty wreckers and parts. Established in 1983, Subaru & Suzuki Wreckers are your #1 auto part specialist in Melbourne. We also have locations in Sydney and Brisbane, and we provide super-fast delivery of car parts throughout Australia.

We have over 35 years of industry experience., This means we have the know-how needed for the proper dismantling and wrecking of vehicles. We specialise in recycling Japanese vehicles, specifically a wide range of Subaru and Suzuki makes and models. From accidentally damaged to faulty, we fix all conditions of the Subaru Liberty.

We also specialise in recycling and reselling Suzuki Liberty parts for customers who want to repair or upgrade their vehicle. At Subaru & Suzuki Wreckers, we understand how difficult and frustrating it can be to source parts for your car., What’s more, there’s no assurance on how long they will last. That's why every part we stock undergoes a rigorous testing process before they go on sale. We guarantee genuine and high-quality Subaru Liberty parts at competitive prices. Our standard warranty on parts also gives you peace of mind when repairing or upgrading your Subaru Liberty.

Customers also love Subaru & Suzuki Wreckers because of our reliable customer service. Just call (03) 9357 1435 and our team of licensed mechanics can locate the part you need in a short time! We also provide expert advice if you're unsure about what part to get or what steps to take.

You can come to any of our shops directly to have your Subaru Liberty parts quickly installed. We also offer same-day delivery for all our customers in the Melbourne metropolitan area. For our interstate customers, we can have the car part you need delivered overnight! No need to wait weeks for your car part to arrive. And when it does, we guarantee that it is made to last.

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Extensive Subaru And
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As passionate Subaru Liberty parts providers, you can always count on us for all your automotive needs. Subaru and Suzuki lovers have come to rely on our extensive range of services. We know how hard it can be to find quality parts for your vehicle. That's why we've dedicated our business to providing only the best parts for a wide variety of makes and models.

You won't find a more comprehensive Subaru or Suzuki dealer than us. We’re also licensed to buy and sell cars. You can easily consult with our in-house experts with any questions you may have about your vehicle. If you unsure about how to proceed, we will gladly point you in the right direction. That way, you will always have the part that your vehicle needs.

On the off chance that we don't have the specific part you’re looking for, don’t stress.! We have built an extensive network of car wreckers throughout Australia. This means that we can easily source the Subaru Liberty part that you are looking for. We can save you a lot of time and effort by doing all the hard work for you.

We know that it can be difficult to find quality parts for your vehicle. That’s why we provide high-quality Subaru Liberty cars and parts at affordable prices. That’s why our products and services are guaranteed to last the distance. So you don't have to worry about their reliability and longevity. We test all our car parts to ensure that they are in good condition. Don’t worry if any of our parts don’t perform as stated. Our standard warranty ensures that you can get a replacement quickly and easily.

So for all your Subaru Liberty parts and wrecking needs, call or visit Subaru & Suzuki Wreckers today!

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We know that not everyone has comprehensive knowledge when it comes to cars and parts. At Subaru & Suzuki Wreckers, you can rely on our 35+ years of industry experience to help you. It has been our passion since 1983 to provide high-quality car parts and service to all our customers. We deliver fast and professional service; you can always count on us to meet your specific needs.

Are you a passionate do-it-yourselfer or a professional mechanic? In either case, our team of qualified mechanics are always available to answer any questions you may have. We aim to make the process simple and convenient.

If you need more information about our Subaru Liberty wreckers and Liberty parts services, then get in touch with. Call us on (03) 93571435 or email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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